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Board of Commissioners, Directors and all employees continuously uphold fair competition, sportsmanship and professionalism values, as well as GCG principles. The Company is also committed  to creating  a healthy business climate, avoiding behaviors that  may cause conflict of interest,  corruption, collusion and nepotism (KKN), and always prioritizing the interest of the company over personal,  family, group,  or class interest.  The Company also constantly pays great attention to policy on anti corruption  as regulated in the Law No. 20 year 2001 concerning  amendment in Law No. 31 year 1999 concerning  corruption  eradication.


Whistleblowing Mechanism

The implementation of whistleblowing  system mechanism is stated  in the Decree of Board of Directors Number SK 01.01/WB-0A.096B/2011 dated  June 1, 2011 regarding Code of Conduct  of PT WIKA Beton Tbk. In the second implementation, throughout 2013,  the management disseminated whisteblowing  system to all employees of the Company.

Protection for Whistleblower

The Company is committed  to providing protection for whisteblower by providing necessary security and comfort.

Party Managing and Handling  Complaints

All accepted reports will be processed  and handled  by a work unit that  has been authorized by the Board of Directors.

Information on Accepted and processed Complaints  as well  as the Follow-up

In 2015,  there was no complaint related to irrelevance in the work units of the Company