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Audit Committee Profile

Audit Committee is established by the BoC to assist it in supervising the function performance of BoD in managing the Company in accordance with GCG principles. All members of Audit Committee are appointed and dismissed by BoC and are reported in AGM. The establishment of Audit Committee refers to Decision of the Head of Bapepam (now OJK) No. Kep-29/PM/2004, legislation No IX.1.5 regarding establishment and guidance on work performance of Audit Committee.

Audit Committee of the Company strives to encourage a better supervision and internal control system, transparency in financial statements. It also strives to study scope and appropriateness of external auditor’s duties that include (and are not limited to) fairness of audit services fees, experience, independency and objectivity.

Composition of Audit Committee Members 

Members of Audit Committee are from outside the Company.  They have knowledge, education background and experience in accounting, finance, audit and operational technique of the Company that  are required to support  its duties performance as Audit Committee.
Pursuant to Decision Letter of Commissioner of PT Wijaya Karya Beton No. MJ.04.01/WB.0A.037/2014 dated  January 27, 2015,  the Audit Committee of PT Wijaya Karya Beton Tbk consists of the following:

Head       : Asfiah Mahdiani (Independent Commissioner)
Member  : Rosmala (Expert Staff in Accounting and Finance Division)
Member  : Soemartojo  (Expert Staff in Operation Division)

Audit Committee Profile

Asfiah Mahdiani - Head

Citizenship : Indonesia
Date and Place of Birth : Gresik, November 3, 1956
Age : 59 years old
Domicile : Komplek Pati Mabes TNI Jatikarya, Cibubur

She obtained her Doctorate  Degree from Malang State University, Master of Management FTI (1998) and Bachelor’s Degree in Physics Engineering from Surabaya Institute of Technology (1983)). She has been serving as a Independent Commissioner of PT WIKA Beton Tbk since May 14, 2010 pursuant to the Act No. 25 dated  June 8, 2010,  prepared and presented before Imas Fatimah, S.H., Notary in Jakarta. She was reappointed for the second  period since April 1, 2015 until the Fifth GMS based on Deed No.4 dated  April 1, 2015 made before Mochamad Nova Faisall, S.H.,MKN, notary in Jakarta.

Previously, she served as the President Director of PT Duta Konsultan (1984-2007); Expert Staff, PT Inti Eka Fajar Konsultan, Surabaya (1984-2007); Consultant, PT Fajar Gemilang, Jakarta (2001 up to present); Rector of Kartini University, Surabaya (1987-1991); and Lecturer at Industrial Engineering Faculty of 17 Agustus University, Surabaya (1992 up to present).

She is also an active member  of various organization  such as AMDAL (as a Consultant and Auditor) from 1992 up to present, Ikatan Nasional Konsultan Indonesia (Indonesian Consultant Association - INKINDO) from 1985 up to present,  Himpunan Pengusaha  Pribumi Indonesia (Indonesian Native Entrepreneur Association - HIPPI) from 1992 to 2012,  and Lembaga Komisaris & Direksi Indonesia (Indonesian Commissioners and Directors Institution - LKDI) from 2010 up to present.

Rosmala  - Member

Indonesian citizen, born in Tasik on May 11, 1959.  She graduated with the degree  of Bachelor of Accounting Economics in 1983 from Universitas Padjajaran, Bandung. She had 13 years experience in Accounting,  Finance and Internal Audit at PT Pembangunan Perumahan (1985-1999). She was also a Management Advisor for International  Loans at PT Indah Karya (2004-2006)  and a member  of Audit Committee of PT WIKA (Persero) Tbk. (2007-2009). Other than  being a member  of Audit Committee of PT Wijaya Karya Beton, she is an active independent consultant at several Public Accounting Firms in Jakarta.

Soemartojo - Member

Indonesian citizen, born in Mojokerto on Setember  23,1952,  62 years old. He obtained his bachelor’s degree
in Civil Engineering in 1996 from Darul Ulum University, Jombang. He has been working at the Company since
1977.  Prior to serving as member  of Audit Committee, he held the position of Manager  of Sales Region V (1998), Acting Head of Marketing Administration Division (1999-2007), and Marketing Manager  (2006-2007).