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WIKA Beton is on the top 25 list of the SRI KEHATI Index 2017

Jakarta, 8 June 2017 – PT Wijaya Karya Beton Tbk (WTON) is listed on the top 25 list of the SRI KEHATI Index 2017 for the first time and becomes one of the award receivers in the Indonesia Green Company Award & SRI KEHATI Appreciation 2017, received by the Corporate Secretary of WIKA Beton, Puji Haryadi, at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta, on 7 June 2017. SRI KEHATI is a Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) launched on the initiative of Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation (KEHATI) and Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

Being committed to environmental conservation and sustainable development is a key requirement that companies must meet in SRI KEHATI awards, and WIKA Beton is one of them. WIKA Beton's commitment to environmental conservation and development is based on awareness as a public company that is not only concerned on profit, but must also be concerned on the environment and social life, or commonly known as the triple bottom line concept.

One of the concrete evidences of WIKA Beton's concern on environmental and social aspects in business ventures is that WIKA Beton executes greening by planting trees in the whole factory environment. Not only does WIKA Beton reforestation in the factory environment, WIKA Beton also contributes to the local community through the provision of tree assistance.

In addition to greening, WIKA Beton considers its environmental and social concerns through the application of Inner Boring technology on the construction of the main building of St. Carolus hospital, Central Jakarta. The construction of the active hospital situated in a densely populated area is required to be free from air pollution, noise, and waste at the construction site in order to keep the environment around the hospital quiet and clean. Inner Boring's application by WIKA Beton becomes a solution that puts environmental and social aspects forward. This is in line with the Green Company concept. In future, WIKA Beton will continue to increase its concern on the environmental and social field in running the company's operations.