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Vision, Mision, Value, & Paradigm


"To be a Leading Company engaged in the business of providing Engineering, Production, Installation (EPI) in Concrete Industry in Southeast Asia".


  1. Providing competitive products and services, and meeting customer expectations;
  2. Providing more value through business processes that meet and fulfill the requirements and expectations of stakeholders;
  3. Carrying out appropriate management and technology systems to improve the efficiency, consistency of quality, occupational safety and health with environmentally conscious;
  4. Growing and developing together with working partners in a sound and sustainable manner;
  5. Developing competence and welfare of employees.

Core Value

  1. Commitment;
  2. Innovation;
  3. Balance;
  4. Excellence;
  5. Relationship;
  6. Teamwork;
  7. Integrity.


  1. Change is a necessity;
  2. The market is the foundation for the Company’s business development;
  3. Customer is the main factor in the Company’s success;
  4. Leadership encourages excellent performance;
  5. Competency is the main asset of the Company;
  6. Every activity conducted has to provide added values;
  7. Speed is very essential;
  8. Technology becomes the leverage for business development.