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WIKA Beton Intensively Undertakes Infrastructure Projects

Bekasi, November 10, 2015 - Precast concrete requirement demands continue showing good growth. Supports of this business growth are infrastructure projects that have already started implementing into the fourth quarter of this year. The Government plans to accelerate contracts for the implementation of the infrastructure projects, so that the implementation may immediately commence at the beginning of 2016. Infrastructure program expenditures become a mainstay of the government to improve the economic growth rate, which had faltered in the first, second and third quarter of this year. 

Entering the fourth quarter, WIKA Beton would start providing contributions to Soroja toll projects (Soreang - Pasir Koja) in Bandung, West Java. WIKA Beton will supply the concrete pile and beam products for the Soroja toll construction along 10 km. WIKA Beton projects that the potency of contract to be achieved by the company is approximately Rp. 100 Billion. Nowadays, WIKA Beton is also supplying the concrete piles for the Light Rail Transit (LRT) project from Cibubur to Cawang.

WIKA Beton is conducting several projects as follows:

  1. Gedebage Road access, Bandung;
  2. Petuk Bridge Project, Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara; 
  3. Pangkalan Susu Steam Powered Electric Generator, Langkat, North Sumatra;
  4. Puncak CBD Apartment Phase 1, Wiyung, East Java;
  5. Factory of PT Indofood Noodle Division, Sidoarjo, East Java,
  6. The MAJ Collection Apartment, Bandung, West Java;
  7. Mahogany Karawang Apartment, West Java;
  8. Soekarno Hatta Airport Terminal Expansion Project, Tangerang, Banten;
  9. Bangil Railway Line construction, East Java;   
  10. Mojokerto - Kertosono toll, Section 2, East Java.

Government’s Optimism to accelerate the infrastructure development will increasingly drive business growth of WIKA Beton. WIKA Beton may supply a variety of precast products for various sectors of infrastructure development required by the Government.

Up to 2015, the contribution of WIKA Beton products remains dominant in the infrastructure sectors, followed by the property, industry, energy and mining.

Overview of PT Wijaya Karya Beton Tbk

PT Wijaya Karya Beton Tbk (WIKA Beton) was established as one of subsidiaries of the state-owned enterprise of PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk in 1997 with a vision to become a leading company in the industry of precast concrete products. Today, WIKA Beton Tbk is the largest precast concrete manufacturer throughout Indonesia and even in Southeast Asia. Other advantages of WIKA Beton Tbk is that they have ten (10) plants scattered throughout the Indonesian region, with high construction industrial growth and applying the pattern of Precast Engineering-Production-Installation (EPI).

WIKA Beton Tbk has had three (3) subsidiaries, they are PT Wijaya Karya Komponen Beton (WIKA KOBE) in 2012, PT Wijaya Karya Beton Krakatau at the end of 2013, and PT Citra Lautan Teduh in September 2014.